Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One Search

Try One Search:

Q: Why is it called One Search?
A: Patrons helped us choose a name which describes what One Search can do - search a lot of resources all in one place! One Search - great results. There is so much information that is not available for free on the internet - One Search searches beyond Google!

Q: Will users able to access One Search from home?
A: When linking to One Search, it determines (by your IP address)
whether you are on a library computer or not. If you are outside the library's
network, you may enter your library card number to start searching

Q: With the library's "e-resources", and patrons could only access some services if they used the library's dial-up system.
A: Once you enter your library card to show you are a legitimate user, you can use One Search to search almost all of our resources from home. There are only eight databases which can only be used in one of our libraries (, D&B Million Dollar Business Database, Heritage Quest, Morningstar, New England Ancestors, NewsBank, RDS Business Suite, and World Geography), the rest can be searched by ACPL card holders from home.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Linda said...

You mentioned that there are only seven databases which cannot be searched from home. What are they?

At 9:37 AM, Blogger sara said...

Databases only available at the library are:, D&B Million Dollar Business Database, Heritage Quest, Morningstar, New England Ancestors, RDS Business Suite, and World Geography.

I have added the names to the original posting. Thanks!

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Thanks for giving us that information. I assume that will also be marked somehow on the list of databases in the "Advanced Search" and the "Database Descriptions" listings, so patrons will know.
Also is there some way to put "Informe" in with the "I's" in the alphabetically listings? Right now it is at the very bottom of the list, probably because of the unrecognized mark at the beginning of the word. I think people are going to miss it at the bottom.
And one more I dreaming or at one time if you checked "For Kids" or For Middle/High School" in the basic search, I thought you could not check any other boxes. Has that changed or am I confusing it with something somewhere else?

At 3:57 PM, Blogger sara said...


We are continuiing to make changes as suggested by our users. Soon you will notice an "in library" logo next to those databases not available from home. I have removed the inverted exclamation point from Informe! so it will display in correct alphabetical order. Because the "for kids" / "for middle/high school" checkboxes didn't work the way most web pages do (you could not check any other boxes), users found it confusing. You may now select as many categories as you like with no restrictions!


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