Monday, December 19, 2005

Finding tax forms

Tax time approacheth! The Internal Revenue Service changed its Web site home page, but you can still print out forms for your taxes. The Web page is .

On the left side of the page there are several links. If you click on More Forms and Publications, you'll go to a page that gives you options for finding forms, including a Topical Index link. If you know the form number, just click on the link that says Form and Instruction Number. If you want an older form, click on the link that says Previous Years.

At the top of the Form and Instruction number page, you'll find instructions. At the bottom is a big scroll-down box with IRS forms in alphabetical and then numerical order. Click on the form listing you want. (You can click on multiple listings if you use the control key.) Next, click on the button below the box; it says Review Selected Files. That step will create links to the forms you have chosen.


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