Tuesday, December 27, 2005

boxing days

I've spent a number of hours these past few weeks before year's end boxing up books. It's kind of sad. These are good books that we won't be seeing on our shelves again for about a year. (Not that any books are "bad"; but these are books that are still in pristine condition. It's easier to say goodbye to the falling apart, clearly outdated books.) So as I boxed up the books, I couldn't help thinking about the BIG MOVE back to the new main library in early 2007. It's just a year away! And it's just that much work. Because the main reason I was boxing up books now is because we won't be able to do so over the next year. What space we have has to last until the move and any new books we get over the next year have to fit on our shelves here at Renaissance Square.

Soon, we will actually be starting to unpack the boxes we packed up before our move to Berry street. It's exciting. In just over a year, we'll have a new main library and access again to thousands of books we had to do without while in our temporary digs. So as the year 2006 comes into view, there's lots of work ahead and lots to look forward to as well.


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