Friday, January 06, 2006

Faces of Northeast Indiana

I had an interesting conversation today with Jeff and Deepak from Global Systems. We were talking about how we could create a way for people to upload images of family/family history to us so we could then place those images in our digital library. That conversation then sparked the idea to create a web portal where people could upload their digital family images to an ACPL server (along with a webpage form describing the images) and we could start a digital collection called "Faces of Northeast Indiana."

Another idea came from this which was to take images that we have at the moment and project those images onto a screen at an event like Three Rivers Festival, so that we would have rotating sets of images. I think people would be fascinated by the historic pictures of Fort Wayne. This portal could have many modules created for it over time but images seemed to be the best choice initially, since we have many of the elements in place.

I would really be interested in what people think of this idea and what other ideas it may spark.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

"The Future of Libraries"

There's an interesting article online at the Da Vinci Institute that looks at ten key trends affecting the development of libraries. My favorite trend is the one that includes this: "... every device, tool, piece of hardware, equipment, and technology that we are using today will go away, and be replaced by something else. That something else will be faster, smarter, cheaper, more capable, more durable, work better, and look cooler than anything we have today."

I'm going to go home and ask my record player what it thinks of this idea. Oops ... I got rid of my record player in the 1980s.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Divorce packets

Couples going through a simple, consensual divorce may want to use one of the divorce packets prepared by an office of the Indiana Supreme Court. Printed copies of the packets are available at the Business & Technology Department of the Allen County Public Library and at some of the ACPL branches. (Call your branch to find out if it has them.) Packets cost $3.00 for a divorce involving children and $2.00 for a divorce involving no children or assets. Certain forms have been deleted from these packets because they are not used by the courts in Allen County. The full packets are available on the home page of the Supreme Court's Self-Service Legal Center.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Journal Gazette article about new Main Library progress

This morning, my Google Alerts (still in beta testing) brought me this story about the progress on the new Main Library in Downtown Fort Wayne. It's good to see this kind of information getting out to the public - especially about how our staff has been so involved in the project. We have a lot of folks here who are very committed to bringing great library services, materials, and facilities to the residents of Allen County.