Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mock Children's Book Award Elections

At its annual midwinter meeting, the American Library Association announces a wide variety of book awards.

Each year, the Allen County Public Library holds mock elections before the Newbery, Sibert, and Caldecott Awards are officially announced. The final reading lists for our Mock Elections are now available! Take a look at our Mock Caldecott, Mock Newbery, and Mock Sibert lists.

If you are in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, we’d love to have you join one or all of our discussions of these books to be held on January 7th and 14th. Call Children’s Services at 260.421.1220 to register.

We are also offering an online discussion board for participants to share their thoughts on the various books under consideration. You may participate in any of the online discussion boards without signing up for the Mock Elections.

To join the online discussion, visit our online discussion boards at the Mock Sibert discussion, the Mock Newbery discussion, or the Mock Caldecott discussion.

Join us in reading some great books and sharing some fun conversation!

Online Word Processor

Could it be?

Looks like has done it! By signing up for a free account users can access a word processing program that works and looks much like the Word format we're used to - on the web.

Users can save documents to their account, thereby eliminating the need for disks or jump drives. A collaborative feature is also offered where users can invite others to work on the same document at the same time. I have signed up for an account and used it for testing purposes, but I have not yet tried the collaborative bit.

Could this be a revolutionary service that will catapult a weighty stone at Microsoft, or will it be something far, far less?

John Lennon 25 years gone

December 8 marked the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. I grew up with the music of the Beatles, though I was just a little too young to be appreciating them as they were happening, and so I've taken advantage of the "new wave" of Beatlemania and I've read a couple of new books - one about John and one about the Beatles - and caught up on a few things I missed.

John Lennon: All I Want Is The Truth by Elizabeth Partridge is a photobiography that goes into some detail about the other Beatles as well.

The Beatles by Bob Spitz is a biography of the group, in which I learned a lot of interesting facts I didn't know - for instance, when the Beatles played their stadium shows in the U.S., nobody could hear them play because of all the screaming. This book is a monster - over 900 pages!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Local Musician Featured in Documentary @ Cinema Center Tech

Local musician Kevin Hambrick will be featured in a documentary premiering at Cinema Center Tech on Wednesday, December 21. Paging Rascal Hanks: The Kevin Hambrick Story will show at 8:30pm on Wednesday, and Alex Uncapher, the San Francisco filmmaker who shot the documentary, will be on site for the premier according to Kevin's website at Kevin's band, Orange Opera, will play 11 songs from their upcoming album following the movie. Admission is $5, and Cinema Center Tech is located at 1600 East Washington Blvd on the Indiana Institute of Technology campus.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Finding tax forms

Tax time approacheth! The Internal Revenue Service changed its Web site home page, but you can still print out forms for your taxes. The Web page is .

On the left side of the page there are several links. If you click on More Forms and Publications, you'll go to a page that gives you options for finding forms, including a Topical Index link. If you know the form number, just click on the link that says Form and Instruction Number. If you want an older form, click on the link that says Previous Years.

At the top of the Form and Instruction number page, you'll find instructions. At the bottom is a big scroll-down box with IRS forms in alphabetical and then numerical order. Click on the form listing you want. (You can click on multiple listings if you use the control key.) Next, click on the button below the box; it says Review Selected Files. That step will create links to the forms you have chosen.